I normally write about product management, perhaps side tracking occasionally into a little politics or marketing. Today I have decided to write about something far more personal. I want to talk about me, and the way I currently feel. I apologise for the stream of consciousness that follows.

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I am very lucky that my work has not been impacted by the current pandemic. Lucky, that for all intents and purposes life goes on. Sure I have to wear a mask when I go to buy food from the shops. Sure, I can’t go out to the pub right now for…

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our lives. Socialising has become virtual, we can be fined or arrested for meeting our friends in person. Our commute has changed from a slog through traffic or public transport to a short walk to a home office or dining room. We are no longer worrying about finding a meeting room, but instead making sure that everyone has the right dial in details. For those of us lucky enough to be able to work remotely, our homes have become our permanent workspaces.

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I have worked from home, on and off, for the past…

Data can be one of the biggest challenges that a product manager can encounter. Privacy concerns have hit nearly every major platform in the past few years, and the impact of data leaks and security breaches cannot be overestimated. The introduction of GDPR in the European Union means that data-breaches can now be punished with a fine of up to 10% of a company’s global revenue. It is, therefore, no surprise data discussions are getting attention from all levels of an organization, up to and including enterprise CEOs.

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On top of this, our stakeholders are becoming more data-hungry. Our organizations…

Product people live in a world of data. Providing it to everyone who requests it can be overwhelming, but it’s important that we communicate our progress against objectives in an objective manner. Data can help us to explain the underlying trends and challenges that are keeping us awake at night, as well as tell the story of our product’s growth. …

It was a beautiful Saturday, my wife was working, and I was at a loose end after a long week at work. Some friends had been in a musical a few months before, and there was a workshop with a local acting coach that they were going to. It sounded like a fun, different way to spend a few hours… Little did I know that it was the start of a months long commitment.

Flyer for A La Emma. Courtesy of The Really Promising Company

If you had told me on that summers day that I would be dressed in a floral frock coat and dancing around on the stage at…

It’s rare to find a product manager who doesn’t talk about AB testing in some shape or form. It can be a polarising subject, either seen as the gold standard of validating a process, or creating so much confusion around how to interpret the results or what they are telling us that they paralyse the team. There are a wealth of tools on the market now, and with the introduction of Google Optimise it almost feels like it should be part of the mainstream toolkit for product development.

The reality, however, is that it is very rare to hear someone…

James Copeman

Passionate product management advocate, trying to find and share ways to make companies and practitioners more effective.

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